This stunning girl is 1 year old Collie crossbreed Lotti.
 Lotti has a fantastic nature, a really friendly girl.
As can be expected from Collies, Lotti is an active dog, she likes being out and about exploring and enjoys playing games and chasing toys.
 Lotti will need a new owner who can provide plenty of daily exercise and training.
 Lotti could live in a home with other animals and
children in upper Primary school



Lily is a lovely JRT of nearly 2 years old.
She is looking for a new home as sadly due
to ill health, her owner is unable to look
after her anymore.
 Lily has been quite timid in the kennels but when she is out and about her friendly and affectionate little personality comes out -Lily loves having a fuss and a cuddle!
 Lily will need an owner who can give her plenty of daily exercise and encourage her to play games with toys to help build her
confidence. Training classes will be ideal.

Lily could live in a home with children of primary school age.


Molly is a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
She is looking for a new home as unfortunately her owner could no longer keep her.

Molly loves people and is a lovely affectionate girl once she gets to know you. Molly enjoys being out and about walking and exploring and will need an active new owner who can give her plenty of daily exercise.

Molly is quite stressed in kennels and she doesn't seem to get on well with other dogs, training classes will be a huge benefit to help socialise her with other dogs.

Molly will be best suited to a home with no other
animals and teenage children.
An experienced dog owner would be ideal.



This happy girl is 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Emily. She was brought in by an RSPCA inspector as she had been abandoned.

 Emily is a typical people friendly Staff with bags of energy and character. She enjoys a good run around but will need some extra

encouragement when playing games with toys.

 Emily walks well on the lead and will need an owner who has time to give her at least two good walks every day.

Training classes are recommended to allow Emily to socialise with other dogs.

 Emily will be best suited to a home with

teenage children. She could possibly live with other animals


This lovely Cocker Spaniel is Mo.
Mo is desperate for a new loving home as sadly her previous owner died.
 At 10 years old Mo is fit and healthy and loves
having long daily walks. Mo enjoys roaming the countryside and having a good sniff and explore.
Mo is very affectionate and loves being around
people for plenty of fuss and attention. She will need to go to a home with someone who can be around for most of the day.
 Mo has never lived with other animals or children and would be best as the only animal in the house.


Poppy's story is rather sad. She was rescued at the age of 2 by her current family from Ty Agoreth near Aberwystwyth 10 years ago. She had had a very difficult start and was traumatized by being in kennels and her family are desperate that she not be returned to that environment. She was homed with another dog that she was attached to, to her current family 10 years ago and after much loving care and patience has settled in to a well balanced, happy dog. Sadly her owner has unexpectedly and suddenly been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is not expected to be able to return home. 

Poppy is a 12 year old tan  cross breed. She is very young and energetic for her age and loves loves loves running for the ball! (she would continue until she dropped!)

Poppy is fully house trained and will return off the lead to family members. She is quiet in the house although barks and jumps up when strangers come round. She is used to strangers as her owners have been in ill health and have different carers visiting regularly. She is a very friendly sweet dog and loves people. 

Poppy has lived with another dog for the last ten years and is playful and slightly dominant with other dogs. She would do best in a single dog household as she adores people and loves to be the centre of attention. However she would integrate perfectly well with another dog.

Poppy hasn't been around cats and so would be best to be homed with a family without one..

The owners live in Cardiff and Poppy is being looked after by the adult children at her home at the moment. This is not ideal as Poppy is used to constant companionship and is upset at being left alone all day. 

The ideal owner for Poppy would be an active quiet living person(s) who are home for most of the day and have plenty of time for long walks and ball throwing.

If you would like to offer Poppy a home please contact Llys Nini on 01792 22943501792 229435 or email



Meet Bo! She is a 1 year old Husky x Rottweiler.
Bo was brought into the centre by an RSPCA inspector.
 Bo is an active young girl and loves being outside as much as possible walking, running and chasing toys. Bo can be a bit wary of people she doesn't know but soon relaxes and is very friendly once she gets to know you.
 Training classes are recommended to help Bo socialise with other dogs while keeping her attention focused.
 Bo will need to go to a home with an owner who can spend plenty of time exercising her every day. She could live with teenage children.



  Lucas is a gorgeous staffi cross puppy of only 10 weeks old.

He came in to us from an Inspector as he had been abandoned and was in very ill health. After much care at the vets, he has made a full recovery and is now looking for a happy new home.

Being a pup, he will require all the basic training, which he is already picking up quickly! Also, as he grows, plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Socialisation classes would be ideal for him. He could live with teenage children.


This handsome chappie is Reggie and he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier of only a year old.

He came in to us as unfortunately his
owners circumstances changed and they were unable to keep him any longer.
He has a fantastic personality and is so
comical. He loves his toys and will chase them non stop!
 He also loves a good run off lead.
He will make a cracking companion for a lucky new owner. Reggie could live with
children of secondary school age.



Bruno is a 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed. His previous owner was moving and unfortunately unable to take Bruno with him.

Bruno is an active and playful boy.

He loves playing games with toys and will

need an owner who has time to spend keeping him mentally occupied as well as giving him plenty of daily exercise.

Bruno will be lots of fun for a new owner but he can get quite boisterous so somebody with

experience of strong, playful dogs will be ideal.

Training classes will benefit Bruno to help him focus on his commands and keep him socialised with other dogs.

Bruno could live in a home with teenage

children and possibly another dog.


Have you ever seen a more endearing

 little face than this?

Floyd is a Shar-pei Crossbreed and came in to us from an Inspector.

He came in to us in a very poor condition and is now almost completely better and looking for his happy new home.

Since he has been with us—he has always been such a pleasure to spend time with.

His character is adorable and he is

sociable with other animals and could possibly live with cats and dog and

possibly children of primary school age.

Please ask to meet Floyd!



Meet Roxy!

She is a Border Collie and came in to us as her previous owner was unable to give her the attention she needed.

Being a Collie she requires lots of exercise, as well as mental stimulation and training.

She is very nervous in her new

environment and seems quite a sensitive Collie in general.

She will require an experienced dog owner, who preferably has worked with the breed before.

Gentle encouragement will be the key with Roxy to bring her out of her shell.