Meet Socks!
He is a Collie cross of 5 years old and came in as his original owner was unable to care for him any longer.
Socks is a lovely dog with a good personality.
He can be a little wary when he first meets you and when he is put in new situations.
Socks loves to go for walks and enjoys being off the lead-especially chasing his toys. He is very good at retrieving his toys for you to throw for him again!
He will require an active home with an experienced
Collie owner-being a typical
Collie he needs lots of exercise as well as mental
stimulation and training! Though he does know most of the basic commands!
A retired or mature household will suit him best.
He could possibly live with other dogs but not cats.
He will make a cracking companion for a lucky new owner.



These three handsome boys are 10 week old Lurcher cross pups. They were brought in by an RSPCA inspector who had concerns over their welfare, all three are now excited to find their new homes!

 As young pups they will require a home that can provide training and

socialisation as well as plenty of exercise to help them grow into well rounded adult dogs.

 Puppy training classes would be an ideal start for them!

They will need somebody to be around for most of the day while they are still young.

    The pups could live with children of primary school age and other animals.




Meet Samson!

He is a Dogue De Bordeaux Crosbreed of only 2 years old. He came in to us as unfortunately his owner had died and he was left with no-one to care for him any longer!

 Samson is a huge bundle of fun-he loves to play and interact with you. He already knows quite a few of the basic commands and is quite obedient.

 Being an extra large breed Samson will suit an

experienced large breed home.

 He would suit best a mature household with someone who has plenty of time to exercise and train him.



Meet the stunning Collie Harvey who is just 2 years old.
He came in to us as his owner was moving away and wasn't allowed to take pets.
Harvey is a fantastic dog. As with most Collies, he finds the kennel environment quite stressful and is highly strung. Out of the kennel environment, he is happy,
sociable and loves being around other dogs-he loves a good game of chase!
He has been used to children of secondary school age and could live in a home with children upwards of this age. An active retired home, with someone with Collie experience would be ideal for this young guy!
He really will make a fantastic companion for a lucky new owner.
He could live with other animals.


Jess is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 8 years old and came in to us as she wasn't getting along with the existing dog in the household.
The previous owner said she was great with
children and very affectionate to all people and we have found this to be the case.
Jess would suit a home with an active owner who enjoys walking and will have plenty of time to give her affection and cuddles.
Training will also be required for her.
Jess will be suited to a single animal household and could live with children of secondary school age.
She will make a fabulous companion for a new owner.



Hi my name is cruise and I am a 6 year old staffi cross.
I am a very friendly little boy and absolutely love loads and loads of cuddles and kisses. I like gentle walks and sometimes enjoy going for a paddle in the water.
As you can see from my photos I can play the didgeridoo!! Though I don't know if i'm any good! ;-) After a good walk I love to sleep  (Apparently I snore-but I'm sure this can'

t be true!!).
I am hoping to find a home with somebody that can spend time with me. Oh before I forget I don't like cats. I have been used to children in a previous home and got along great with them!
I am currently in a foster home-please ask our
receptionist how you can arrange to meet me! 


Handsome Leo is a 7 year old male Labrador cross


He was brought in to the centre by an RSPCA

inspector from an overcrowded household.

 Leo has been quite nervous in kennels but once he gets to know you he soon relaxes and is a really lovely fella!

 Leo is an energetic boy and enjoys playing fetch with his toys. Owners with experience of large breed dogs would be ideal for him as he is quite strong!

 Leo would be best suited to a quieter home with

patient owners who are prepared to help him come out of his shell.

He could live in a home with teenage children.



This cute pup is 6 month old Max. He is a

Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed.

Max was rescued by an RSPCA inspector with his brother Cash.

 Max is a lovely boy and full of energy, he is just starting to learn to play with his toys and really enjoying himself!

 His new owners will need to spend time giving him all the training and socialising he needs to help him grow up into a happy and well behaved adult dog! Training classes will be ideal for him.

 Max could live in a home with another dog and upper primary school aged children.



This handsome pup is 6 month old Cash. He is a

Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed.

Cash was rescued by an RSPCA inspector with his brother Max.

 Cash is a very active and energetic young dog, he loves being out walking and exploring!

Cash does show us his naughty puppy side and jumps up a lot for attention. Training classes will be essential for Cash to teach him basic

commands and how to behave around other dogs.

 A new home where he will receive plenty of daily exercise as he grows up will keep him calm and happy in the house!

 Cash would be best suited to a home with no other animals and teenage children.




Poppy is a pretty female Bichon Frise, she is nearly 3 years old. Poppy was brought into the

animal centre as her owners were moving and

unable to take her with them.

 During her time in kennels Poppy has been highly excitable and full of energy. She loves to have lots of attention and needs plenty of daily exercise to keep her calm in the house.

 Poppy would be best suited to an owner with

previous dog experience as she does need a bit of help learning some manners and patience! Training classes would be ideal for her.

 Poppy could live with teenage children but would be better as the only animal in the house so she can be given all the time and training she needs.



Meet Lexi!

She is a Terrier Crossbreed of 7 years old and came in to us with another dog called Scamp, though they are to be re-homed separately!

Lexi has a good nature though she can be timid

until she knows you well. Once she has bonded with you she is fantastic and is great company!

Lexi will need to go to an active home-preferably with someone with experience with dogs.

Training classes would be ideal to build on Lexis

confidence and socialisation around people and dogs.

A mature or retired household would suit her best-with someone who can be around with her for most of the day. Lexi will make a loving companion for a new owner! She really does having a loving and

affectionate personality and loves to play and interact with you!

Lexi is currently in a foster home-please ask at

reception for more details about her!